In Jul 2015, with the revenue of $ 26.05 billion (total assets of $89.41 billion, total profit of $3.55 billion), Poly Group ranked 457th in the world the "Fortune" 500 list.


In Aug 2014, Poly Group restructured Guizhou Permanente Union Holding Group.

In Mar 6th , 2014, Poly Culture Group Company Limited successfully listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.


In Apr 2012, "Poly" trademark was recognized as well-known Chinese trademarks by the State Administration of Industry and Commerce

In 2012, Poly Chemical Holdings Limited was established.


In Aug 2011, Poly Group was awarded as A-level in the Annual performance evaluation by SASAC


In 2010, Poly Group restructured part of the business with the New Age group.


In May 2009, Poly Group consolidated total assets reached 139.16 billion RMB with an increase of 62.20 percent, advancing into the first tier of central state-owned enterprise.


In Dec 2007, China Banking Regulatory Commission officially approved the opening of Poly Finance Company.

In 2007,the total assets of Poly Group exceeded 500 billion RMB for the first time, advancing into the second tier of central state-owned enterprises.


In July 2006, Poly Real Estate Group A share was listed in Shanghai Stock Exchange.

In 2006, Poly Property Group was founded in Shanghai.


In July 2005, Poly International Auction Co, ltd was founded. With the First auction sales of 560 million RMB, it becomes first-class art auction company domestically.


In May 18th 2003, New Poly Plaza ground-breaking ceremony was hosted in Beijing. In Dec 2006, it becomes one of the landmarks of Beijing.

In Mar 2003, Poly Group was transmitted to SASAC.


In 2001, the Supervisory Board of Central Enterprise Work Committee stationed in Poly Group


In May 2000, Poly group won the auction bid of 3 antiques, the head of OX, Monkey and Tiger that were ravished by invaders from The summer palace 100 years ago.

In Feb 2000, Poly Culture Group Ltd, was founded.


In Dec 1998, Poly Art Museum was founded, which was the first museum founded by state-owned wnterprises.

In Dec 15th 1998, Poly Group was placed under the Nation transition office. On March 10th of 1999, it attributed to the Central Enterprise Work Commission for management.


In Feb 17th, 1993, Poly Group acquired 55% equity of Hong Kong Xin Hai Kang Corp, which is Poly's first listed company.

In February 1993, China Poly Group Corporation registered in the National Industrial and Commercial Bureau.


In Apr 1992, Poly Group Preparation leadership team and office were founded.


In Jan 1984, Poly T I., the predecessor of China Poly Group Corporation registered in the State Industry and Commerce Bureau