Building the Image of Responsible Chinese State-owned Enterprises

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On March 8th, Xu Niansha, Chairman and Party Secretary of CPC committee of China Poly Group Corporation (Poly), and also member of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), was invited to the interview on Viewpoint on the “Two Sessions” produced by Haike News, a media convergence application of the People's Daily Overseas Edition. This interview focused on topics including “in what way Chinese enterprises build the image of responsible businesses as their international presence continue to expand” and “in what way Chinese enterprises present its culture to the world as their business goes global”.

According to Xu, while “going global”, Poly has consistently adhered to the idea of “high-quality development” proposed by the Party and the central government of China. It highly values quality of overseas activities and programs. “High quality will assure us of building the image of responsible Chinese enterprises.”  

In this age of globalization, presenting the Chinese culture to the world with the hope of gaining international recognition and respect constitutes a prerequisite for the Chinese economy to further integrate into and influence the world economy. As for in what way Chinese enterprises present its culture to the world as their business goes global? In Xu’s opinion, if China wishes to better communicate and integrate with the rest of the world, we should not only export Chinese cultural products, but more importantly, introduce to the world a whole picture about the Chinese culture.  “Cultural connectivity is necessary, but often neglected or narrowly perceived as the circulation of cultural products. Indeed, cultural exchange is the bridge for international communication and the tie for friendship; but the reason why cultural exchange is often neglected is that it cannot be measured by quantitative parameters, like economy and trade.”

“Governments and cultural organizations in Europe, America, Asia and Africa warmly welcome the Chinese culture and are keen in establishing cultural cooperation with Chinese enterprises.” Xu probed into the experience of Poly and shared with us approaches of Chinese enterprises to seek ways to present culture to the outside world while operating international business.     

Xu introduced that Poly, as a business operating in multiple sectors including culture, manufacturing, and service, etc. While operating international business, Poly attempts to classify and systematically organize its export business modules. The group also develops a profound understanding of the essence of Chinese culture, with the objective of bring innovative ideas into our traditional culture and build a bridge connecting the Chinese culture with the rest of the world. Xu said: “Poly has launched many flagship programs of overseas cultural exchanges that had won good reputation and popularity. For instance, the English opera of the ‘Dream of the Red Chamber’, jointly produced by Poly and San Francisco Opera, became a highlight of the first round of the China-US Social and Cultural Dialogue. Poly had successfully provided performance management for “8 Minutes in Beijing” in PyeongChang Winter Olympics. Also, Poly worked with world-known troupes to produce the opera version of ‘Madama Butterfly’ and other classical plays.” Xu added that, “In the process of international development, we regard culture as a business card to introduce China to the outside world rather than just products. We are committed to maintaining our country’s reputation and building an image of responsible SOEs.”

In the end of this interview, Xu sent a warm greeting to overseas Chinese netizens: “you are always on our minds as the motherland is always in your dreams. Poly is ready to provide you with quality service any time.”