Address from Chairman

Through three decades of hard work and effort, the China Poly Group has grown into an international player in trading, real estate, security, energy and cultural events. But the values to which the company’s founders first committed themselves -- honesty, innovation, hard work, quality, cultural excellence -- have remained consistent. Today, they continue to serve us as we seek to balance our business interests with a wider concern for people and the environment.

Poly’s corporate culture maintains a tradition of acquiring knowledge and exercising tolerance, of the pursuit of excellence and of mutual understanding. To adapt our estimable heritage to new challenges is a responsibility which we take very seriously, and for that precise reason we are well-placed to take full advantage of the immense opportunities provided by China's current reforms.

The renowned Tang Dynasty poet, Du Fu, wrote: “If only I could build a thousand dwellings -- how happy would they be, those who now suffer the cold!” These words reflect one of Poly’s major goals -- to provide housing for the people. But our roots stretch deeper and our branches spread wider. Our position as a leader in the field of cultural activities, making classical and modern art from East and West available for public enjoyment, justifies our belief that class, elegance, and style too can be numbered among our core values. Our support helps our client businesses and partners to address issues of national defense and international security. Our advances in minerals, power supply and energy technology help them to realize their own economic potential.

“Poly” in English means “the many”. It speaks of such values as community, trust, and friendship. Our name in Chinese also means “upholding interests”.And we are a business whose goal is to uphold the interests of the many. We take pride in providing goods and services for our customers, jobs for our employees, and returns for our stakeholders – the government, our suppliers, the general public. We take pride in making our own contribution to the economic resurgence of our country and its people, and in sharing our success, now and in the future, with the international business community and our worldwide partners and clients.

Chairman of the Board of Directors: Xu Niansha