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The international trade business is undertaken by Poly Technologies, Inc. The company has fine-tuned and pre-emptively adjusted policies to explore market potential and secure major projects. At end of 2014, total value of newly-signed defense contracts reached USD 2.44 billion and aggregate volume of defense and non-defense related contracts amounts to USD 5.5 billion, consolidating the firm’s position among China’s top three leading military trade companies for nine consecutive years. “Poly Defense” made its first appearance at Zhuhai Airshow, showcasing a variety of independently developed products e.g. firefinder/weapon locating radar and high mobility precision strike system. The debut has drawn much attention and interest from the public.

Poly Technologies Inc. is a large-scaled defense company authorized by the central Government for the import and export of all ranges of defense equipments for Army, Navy, Air Force, police and anti-terrorism. Since its establishment in 1984, Poly Technologies, Inc. has been devoting itself to the equipment modernization for the Chinese army and the friendly nations in the world, actively participating in the R&D of military products, extensively engaging in the import and export of military equipment and technology, and providing military equipment and technology as well as the life-circle service warranty. It has become a provider of national defense and security system solutions provider for many countries. Poly Technologies Inc. has established sound cooperative relationship with more than 100 countries and regions all over the world and conducts cooperation with them in various aspects such as defense and security, energy and mining, project contracting and civil technology export. The company has gradually developed into an internationalized enterprise with the combination of trade, production and R&D.