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Poly International Holdings Co., Ltd. (“Poly International”) is a large-scale conglomerate established on the success of Poly Technologies, INC. on the date of 23th December, 2014. It is the major platform of Poly Group for international trade and engagement. The business of Poly International focuses on four main areas including the R&D of technical products and the relating technological service, development of and investment in engineering and infrastructure, trade and investment in civilian products. On 8th August, 2018, Poly International added to its investments and stakes in Guangdong Provincial Changda Highway Engineering Co., Ltd. (Changda Corporation) and prepared the consolidated financial statement.

Poly Technologies Inc. is a large-scaled defense company authorized by the central Government for the import and export of all ranges of defense equipments for Army, Navy, Air Force, police and anti-terrorism. Since its establishment in 1984, Poly Technologies, Inc. has been devoting itself to the equipment modernization for the Chinese army and the friendly nations in the world, actively participating in the R&D of military products, extensively engaging in the import and export of military equipment and technology, and providing military equipment and technology as well as the life-circle service warranty. It has become a provider of national defense and security system solutions provider for many countries. Poly Technologies Inc. has established sound cooperative relationship with more than 100 countries and regions all over the world and conducts cooperation with them in various aspects such as defense and security, energy and mining, project contracting and civil technology export. The company has gradually developed into an internationalized enterprise with the combination of trade, production and R&D.