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The real estate business is undertaken by two publicly listed companies, i.e. Poly Real Estate (Group) Co., Ltd. and Poly Property Group Co.,Ltd. In order to address market changes, we have promptly refined market strategy and consolidated strength in inventory marketing and sales. In 2014, our property sales reached RMB 161.3 billion and 13.21 million square meters, with revenue exceeding RMB 143.8 billion. Despite market volatility, our sales volume has increased by 5.5% year-on-year and market share reached 2.15%, securing our position as China’s top three leading property companies.

Poly Real Estate (Group) Co. Ltd. was established in 1992, accomplished shareholding reform in 2002 and was listed in Shanghai Stock Exchange in 2006. It is an enterprise with the first class national real estate development qualification. Ever since it was established, by sticking to the business concept of “practicality, innovation, standardization and excellence”, the company has been dedicated to creating a harmonious life integrating nature, architecture and humanity. The company has developed into an industrial leader, ranking No.1 for the successive five years in terms of comprehensive strength of state-owned real estate enterprise. In 2012, with its brand value reaching RMB 21.139 billion Yuan, Poly Real Estate was awarded as the leadership brand in Chinese real estate industry together with Vanke. Since listing, the company has always been favored by capital market through its good performance and sustainable development capability and make itself sample shares in important indexes like “Shanghai Stock Exchange 50”, “Shanghai Stock Exchange 180”, “Shanghai and Shenzhen 300”, “Heng Seng A Stock Industrial Leading Index”, etc.

Poly Property Group Co., Ltd. was formerly a listed company named New Haikang in Hong Kong acquired by Poly Group in 1993.Later, it was renamed to “Poly (Hong Kong) Investments Limited”, and renamed formally to “Poly Property Group Co., Ltd.” in 2012. In recent years, the Group has been rapidly expanding its scale of real estate development business by means of such measures as the recurring injections of quality assets by China Poly Group, and has gone up into Top 20 of national real estate companies. With its business performance in Hong Kong increasing year by year, financing capability continuously strengthening and market value significantly rising, the company was listed as MSCI Index constituent stock.