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Poly Group owns a listed company, Poly Culture Group Co., Ltd, which specializes in theater management, art works auction and film investment. At present, the company manages 65 theaters in 57 cities, which present more than 9,000 shows annually, ranking among the best in the world.

Poly Culture Group Co., Ltd. was established in February 2000, formerly known as Poly Culture and Arts Co., Ltd. It was restructured and renamed to Poly Culture Group Co., Ltd. in December 2010. Focusing on performance and large-scale activities organization and planning, creative design production, theatre management and construction consultation, cultural relics collections, artwork business and auction, cinema circuit and cinema investment operations, it has formed the high-grade cultural industry pattern and become one of the cultural enterprise groups with the most extensive domestic operations and the great power. In 2004, the company was named as "Cultural Industry Model Base" by the Ministry of Culture. In 2009, it was awarded "2009 Annual Award of Pioneering Company in the Creative Industries". In 2012, it was accredited as one of "Top 30 China's Cultural Enterprises" for the successive 4 years, and ranked No. 1 in cultural and art companies for another year, which has further laid a foundation for Poly to stand in the leading tier of Chinese cultural enterprises.