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The energy business is undertaken by Poly Energy Holdings Co., Ltd. Despite market volatility, Poly Energy managed to achieve steady growth in production and revenue, with production up by 19% to 6.92 million tons and sales up by 17.5% to 6.38 million tons.

Established in 2006, with the registered capital of 3.75 billion yuan and total asset of 24.3 billion yuan, Poly Energies Holding Co., Ltd. is an energy enterprise specializing in the investment and development of coal resources. With 2 branches including Shanxi and Xinjiang and 16 wholly owned and share holding subsidiaries, its business includes coal mining, coal washing, coking and rail transportation etc. Coal-rich regions such as Shanxi and Xinjiang enjoy a coal resource of 2.6 billion tons and a planned output of 24.85 million tons per year.