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In 1983, a joint venture trading company was founded by the PLA General Staff Department and CITIC, the president at that time, Mr. Xu Zhaolong gave the name of Poly to the joint venture company which Chinese means defending victory. The prefix “POLY” has the same pronunciation with the Chinese name, so it was used. The founders of the company, including Mr. Wang Jun and Mr. He Ping, etc., are the witnesses.

Poly’s logo “P” came from the first letter of Peoples’ Liberation Army, and with meaning of Poly and power, the transformative letter P was designed by Mr. Lai Weiwu and Mr. Wang Xiaochao in 1987 indicating a fist with the meaning of confidence and power. The hollow part of the logo indicates to grasp the time and aiming the future.

In 1993, the tenth anniversary of Poly company, President He Ping invited the famous calligrapher Mr. Qi Gong to write “China Poly Group Corporation” in Chinese, with two kinds of Chinese letters, simplified and traditional. In November 1994, the Logo P and “Poly” was registered as formal trade marks in the National Industry and Business Bureau.

Practicality, innovation, standardization and excellence

Practicality, practicality is to hold development as first important business, to understand all factors’ reality including the enterprise itself, the market and client, etc., and to make right decision and practice accordingly, to combine enterprise's innovation objectives and practical actions with a practical style, so as to realize the innovation.

Innovation, innovation capability is the core of enterprise’s competitiveness. Facing the ever changing domestic and international markets, only keeping with the times, constantly innovating, can Poly survive, develop and remain invincible.

Standardization, Specification is the principle of management. We stick to standardized and credit management, contributing to the community. We have established a sound corporate governance structure, operation mechanism and business processes, upholding the spirit of professional and dedicated work style. By conscientiously fulfill the social responsibility, we are well recognized by the market.

Excellence, excellence is what we are pursuing. Having ambitious yet clear objectives, the pursuit of excellence is endless. "Endeaver to be better ” is what Poly has been pursuing,and from where the company gains its power.

China Poly Group is dedicated to be a world-class multinational enterprise that is at leading position of major business, with highly efficient management and control,excellent governance, full social responsibility and great sustainable development abilities.