Information and Communication Technology

China Huaxin Post and Telecom Technologies Co., Ltd.  (referred to as “Huaxin”), affiliated to China Poly Group, is an important investment and development platform for foreign cooperation and technological innovation in China’s information industry. Huaxin focuses on the construction of smart cities, with communications solutions, fiber optic cables and radio frequency, enterprise networks and cloud computing, system integration and software services as its four major businesses, and actively deploys mobile high-speed interconnected 5G networks. After years of operation and accumulation, well-known enterprises such as Shanghai Nokia Bell Co., Ltd., Yangtze Optical Fibre and Cable Joint Stock Limited Company and Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise Communications have been nurtured and developed. The company has accumulated rich experience in transnational operation and management, and is developing into a market-leading information technology industry group with global operation ability. Founded on January 21, 1993, Huaxin, formerly known as China Huaxin Post and Telecommunications Economic Development Center, is an enterprise directly under the ministry of Posts and Telecommunications. In November 2017, it was officially renamed as China Huaxin Post and Telecom Technologies Co., Ltd.