Poly Development

Poly Development: Poly Developments and Holdings Group Co., Ltd. (SH600048), referred to as Poly Developments and Holdings, formerly known as Poly Real Estate established in 1992, is a listed company controlled by China Poly Group and ranked 172nd in the world by Forbes in 2019. Building on solid real estate investment, development, operation and capital operation capabilities, the company is committed to building a “real estate ecological development platform” in order to provide integrated services through the industry ecosystem. The company has experience in the development of all types of real estate. In addition to residential and commercial office buildings, it has formed its own brand system and benchmarking products in brand hotels, shopping malls, convention and exhibition centers, stadiums, industrial parks, theme parks, tourism and vacation projects. The company fulfills its social responsibilities as a central enterprise, and actively participates in urban reconstruction, rural revitalization, social housing construction, rental housing operation, infrastructure investment, social welfare, and targeted poverty alleviation. Through the extension of the entire real estate industry chain, the resources of the industry ecosystem are effectively integrated, and its subsidiaries cover construction, property, agency, asset management and other businesses, thus forming a boutique service system in the fields of cultural tourism, exhibition, health care, and education. At the same time, with the combination of industry and finance as the business philosophy, and through the docking of capital and industry, we are committed to creating a new industry ecology combining industry and finance. We work together with customers to create a better life.