When Poly Culture Encounters “Internet Plus”, They Choose to Fight Against COVID-19 This Way


Recently, some sections of Poly Culture Group Co., Ltd., including theaters, cinemas, artistic education, etc., launched online events as online viewing and lectures. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, people now embraces the “new fashions” of online culture activities, such as watching TV series, listening to concerts and learning professional knowledge. During this special period, Poly

Recently, some sections of Poly Culture Group Co., Ltd., including theaters, cinemas, artistic education, etc., launched online events as online viewing and lectures. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, people now embraces the “new fashions” of online culture activities, such as watching TV series, listening to concerts and learning professional knowledge. During this special period, Poly Culture Group had adapted itself to these new trends by developing the innovative “cultural service transformation” program, including cloud office, cloud viewing and cloud lecture, so as to serve the public and lay a foundation for the resumption of work and production.

On March 12, the official WeChat Account of the Forbidden City Concert Hall launched its 25th post for the “Online Concert Series”: Acil Claude Debussy’s 100th Anniversary Memorial Concert. It is a music feast by Professor and pianist Huang Yameng and her students from the Central Conservatory of Music. Through the post, Huang Yameng said that she hoped the online concert could bring little joy to friends who are staying at home to fight the epidemic. From February 8 on, the “Online Concert Series” has already provided over 20 concerts to the public.

Besides the Forbidden City Concert Hall, Poly Theatre’s official account also launched multiple issues of “Poly Cloud Theater”, involving such four sections as drama, concert, master’s class and “culture against the epidemic”. The audience can watch famous Chinese and foreign dramas and enjoy splendid live culture performance from their homes.

In response to the withdrawal and adjustment of movies due to the epidemic, Poly Film also has taken new measures. Recently, it launched the “cloud cinema” to recommend movies that will be released in 2020 to fans. It meticulously recommended a series of Chinese and foreign blockbusters, such as Zhong Guo Nv Pai, Detective Chinatown 3, Lyceum Theatre and so on, which have attracted numerous fans and laid a foundation for the resumption of work in cinemas. What’s more, 72 Poly theaters across the country launched the new business of food delivery, so as to deliver delicacies from the cinema to the homes of every fan.

Schools are suspended, but students never stop learning because education is indispensable. Poly WeDo has cooperated with US professional online education platform to provide online education. So far, 23 teachers and over 100 students are having one-to-one online courses with 50 lessons per week. Children’s enthusiasm for learning is not diminished.

Other sections of Poly Culture Group have also taken positive actions to develop their businesses amid the new trend of “Internet Plus”. Poly International Auction Co., Ltd. opened a business model, “cloud collection plus telecommunication”. Meanwhile, it published recommendations of auction items through its official account, which has attracted the attention of many collectors. Furthermore, it actively established online auction platform. Poly Art Museum allowed the public to enjoy the details of the cultural relics without leaving the house through new media. Poly Arts Centers and Poly Cultural & Creative launched an online theme sales event of ingenious artworks, generating positive energy to the society.

During the epidemic, a live performance without audience was performed in the Czech Republic, thousands of miles away from China. The musicians from the Czech Republic’s Phiharmonic Orchestra voluntarily came to the concert hall and played Jasmine to cheer for China and Chinese medical staff fighting at the front line. Wiener Symphoniker, China NCPA Orchestra, Berlin Phiharmonic Orchestra and other orchestras and artists sent videos to extend their greetings through the platform of Tianjin Grand Theatre. They hope China can get through difficulties and wish to bring more wonderful music performances to the Chinese audience.

The versatile Poly members have also acted quickly to encourage epidemic fighters. The employees from Poly Theatre headquarter and its subsidiaries in Zhangjiagang city and Hainan province expressed their feelings through the original song written by Poly Group for the fight against the epidemic, Flowers will Bloom. Their singing was recorded via iPads and mobile phones. They also drew a cartoon family photo to cheer for Wu

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, Poly Culture Group Cp., Ltd. actively adjusted its operations. Its theaters and cinemas provided refund services for customers. In order to avoid contact and ensure the safety of customers, refund can be done via telephone, website and other channels. Poly Cinemas made a commitment to fight against the epidemic and has taken five robust measures, such as refunding deposits, cutting rents and holding special performance for the epidemic fighters at the front line. Poly Cinemas worked together with the entire industry and the whole society to help each other in going through this difficult time. Poly WeDo paid tribute to all brave rescuers who went in harm’s way and will provide free music learning opportunities for those children aged 1.5 to 10 whose parents are brave and unhesitating medical staff rushing to the epicenter of the virus. Those children can join music literacy classes, choir elementary classes, singing classes, and English drama classes.