Poly Group Holds A Video Conference on Overseas Pandemic Prevention and Control

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On April 27, Poly Group held a video conference on overseas pandemic prevention and control, so as to convey and implement the content and guideline of SASAC special video conference on the pandemic prevention and control of state-owned enterprises and mobilize the next step to implement thorough infection screening outside China. Xu Niansha, Secretary of CPC in Poly, Zhang Zhengao, Deputy Secretary of CPC in Poly, and members of Party-masses departments in Poly and overseas pandemic prevention and control team attended the meeting. The video meeting was moderated by Liu Jun, member of CPC Committee in Poly.

First, Zhang Zhengao delivered to the attendees the speech in the video conference on the pandemic prevention and control outside China of state-owned enterprises. Xu Niansha briefed Poly current status of overseas pandemic prevention and control. Meanwhile, he also put forward five work requirements in light of the serious pandemic at present.

Xu Niansha emphasized that we should strengthen organization and leadership and stick to our responsibility. All enterprises with departments, projects, and more expatriate personnel abroad should establish leading groups for pandemic prevention and control in accordance with the unified command, coordination and arrangements, so as to quickly formulate the effective preventive mechanism that supported Poly headquarter and overseas departments as well as projects on front line to fight the battle.

We will intensify our efforts to address inadequacies, shore up points of weakness and apply various prevention and control measures. In light of the domestic prevention experience, we must work swiftly to find gaps, address inadequacies, carry out investigation and plug loopholes as the whole situation outside China was changing. What’s more, we will implement appropriate requirements of SASAC for overseas pandemic prevention and ensure those measures are comprehensive, detailed, effective and practical.

We will enhance closed-off management, conduct diagnostic test as well as sterilization, screen carefully and give feedback on problems in time. With the help of SASAC,

Poly Group will coordinate with Ministry of Foreign Affairs to guide institutions functioning abroad, providing necessary assistance for those in need. We need to focus on formulating plans and controlling measures in advance, so as to promote emergency response in place. On the other hand, we should implement The Guideline of Central Enterprises Emergency Plan on Overseas Pandemic Prevention and Control, improve the mechanisms of emergency response and treatment. At the same time, we ought to guide the departments and projects abroad to reinforce the pandemic tendency in host countries that has been predicted, formulating and improving plans carefully and timely.

We intend to resolutely guard against incomers carrying the virus and promote personnel management in place. On the one hand, we will do well in managing overseas departments, projects and staff. Meanwhile, we must appease emotions of our employees and work hard to comfort the families of domestic employees, helping them overcome practical difficulties in their work and daily life under the premise of reassuring them and ensuring regional stability. As for those employees who need to withdraw from countries and regions struck seriously by pandemic, strict management and relevant domestic requirements ought to be implemented in accordance with the arrangements from embassies.

We will work hard to build the Party well outside China and support Party organization to play its role. The leading cadres at all levels should take the lead on enhancing political responsibility for sharing our Party’s concerns and performing duty for our country, so as to coordinate the endeavors and concentrate on pandemic prevention and control. We need to motivate grassroots Party organizations to the fullest in fighting against the virus, encourage Party members to play their vanguard and exemplary role, and mobilize popular organizations to function as a bridge. Above all, we must pay high attention to relevant public opinion and sharing Chinese stories globally and accurately, with regard to creating a sound atmosphere for the battle against the pandemic.