Poly Supporting the Global Battle against COVID-19

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“Good friends feel close to each other even when they are separated by vast distance.”Cooperation and mutual assistance in tough times have become the main themes of ensuring victory in the global battle against the pandemic. In order to prevail over the pandemic, as a central enterprise in a major country, Poly has also shown its responsibility in the battle.

In the spirit of “pursuing mutual benefit and putting the greater good first”,Poly International Holdings Co., Ltd. extended helping hands to those international friends in need while taking preventive measures for protecting its overseas staff from the pandemic. It also actively assisted foreign cooperative enterprises and raised pandemic prevention materials to help them overcome difficulties. It provided Ferrari with over 200,000 masks at the fastest speed, ensuring its normal operation by mobilizing resources from all directions. On the other hand, it also responded to the initiatives of embassies and related departments abroad, providing nearly 30 countries with anti-pandemic supplies in urgent need, including goggles, surgical masks, protective gowns, protective gloves, infrared forehead thermometers, hand sprayers, and 15 million masks.

When the pandemic is currently spreading around the world, China Haisum Engineering Co., Ltd. subordinate to Sinolight was concerned about many overseas partners when it took active measures for preventing and controlling the pandemic and resuming work and production in full speed. Recently, it donated anti-pandemic materials such as protective gowns, goggles, infrared temperature instruments, surgical masks and disposable gloves to partners in Italy and Singapore, so as to support the local people to defeat the virus. What’s more, under the support of related governmental departments and its supply chain, China Haisum Engineering Co., Ltd. coordinated with its partners to purchase such much-needed medical supplies as ventilators, getting high recognition and praise.

In early April, under the organization of the Chinese Embassy in Mali, Sinolight International Holdings Corporation donated 5 million XOF to the Malian government, so as to build Malian mobile cabin hospital. Previously, it had urgently purchased and sent a batch of masks, protective gowns, disposable gloves and other anti-pandemic materials to Mali. At the same time, it also purchased and sent 20,000 masks, goggles and other supplies to subsidiary companies in Mali, contributing to pandemic preventive work by coordinating with local department of health.

The love respects no boarders, so we should work together to fight against the pandemic. Poly Culture North America, as the only subsidiary in North America of Poly Culture Group Co., Ltd., concentrated all efforts to prevent and control the pandemic at its own company. On the other hand, it also spared no efforts to make contributions to the fight against the local pandemic.

So far, Poly Culture North America and its staff have donated more than 12,000 CAD to many Canadian medical institutions such as Richmond Hospital, Lions Gate hospital. The local government, media and people from all walks of life spoke highly of its donation to Richmond Cares Richmond Gives, the non-profit charity and the only pandemic service center for the elderly in Richmond. Furthermore, Poly Culture North America has shown its social responsibility for caring about the local people and established the good image of Chinese enterprises.

All units of Poly system were concerned about overseas staff and showed solicitude for them.Poly Developments and Holdings Group Corporation sent “Love Anti-pandemic Kit” to its staff covering three countries and six cities, which includes masks, protective gowns, goggles, traditional Chinese medicine, test kits and other materials. The Overseas Business of Sinolight International Holdings Corporation urgently raised thousands of masks to support technical interns and related cooperative enterprises in Japan. Poly Chemical Holding Corporation, Poly Teneng, Poly Orica Corporation subordinate to Poly Jiulian provided project companies in Tanzania with masks, temperature instruments, protective gowns and other supplies.

Strong wind reveals the strength of grass, so true friendship stands out in time of adversity. At the challenging time when countries around the world are battling COVID-19, Poly was and will stand ready. On the contrary, Poly has done its best to practice the central enterprises’ responsibility to overcome difficulties hand in hand.