2015 Group Strategy Seminar held in Beijing

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The 2015 Group Strategy Seminar was held in Beijing from Jan. 29 to 31, 2015. Members of the Board, Group CPC committee, top management of the Group, leaders from the Supervisory Board and main top management of main subsidiaries attended seminar.

President Zhang Zhengao addressed at the seminar first analyzing the challenges that external and internal development were facing. Roland Berger provided the consultancy for the seminar. Wu Qi, president of the Greater China of Roland Berger made a speech and Professor. Zhu Yan of Tsinghua University gave a lecture on the seminar.

All the attendees divided into 3 groups held an animated discussion with the theme of “transformation”, “internationalization” and “operation upgrading”. Chairman Xu made a summary emphasizing on reinforcing prospective vision, taking the lead in the “new normal of scientific development” and endeavoring to realize Poly dream and Chinese dream.