Xu Niansha met with Jean-Pierre Raffarin, former French Prime Minister.

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On January 16th , Chairman Xu Niansha met with former French Prime Minister, Jean-Pierre Raffarin in Beijing , who is now deputy speaker of the Senate. The two sides enhance exchanges and strengthen cooperation in depth.

Xu Niansha welcomed his visit and he said that France has a long history and culture, a world-class level of technology, Poly Group has been working to strengthen investment and cooperation with French companies in the cultural, economic, trade and other fields, and hope that we will promote more excellent French goods to China and even the world through cooperation and exchanges with the French .

Raffarin said that the visit has deepened his understanding of Poly Group. He admires the achievements of China Poly Group , he hoped to promote cooperation and exchanges between Poly and French companies. France has unique advantages in communication, culture, finance and other fields, and they are willing to cooperate with Poly Group in these areas. In addition, he is willing to help the group to cooperate with the international companies who  is doing business in France.

Vice President of group Wang Lin, Corporate Development, Real Estate Department, the Office of International Cooperation and Cultural company also participated in the talks.