Xu Niansha met with Sarah Kemp, Commercial Counselor of US Embassy to China.

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On Dec.22th, Xu Niansha met with US Embassy Commercial Counselor Sarah Kemp, Both parties had a discussion on deepening mutual cooperation.

Xu Niansha warmly welcomed her visit and introduced Poly’s five main business. He stressed, we often put US companies as a benchmark, and hoped to strengthen cooperation with US companies in culture、real estate and other fields. In addition, the US government is planning restriction on the part of the Poly Group business, we hoped the two sides can further strengthen communication and promote business smoothly.

Kean Ping admire Poly achieved development, and very optimistic about China's future economic development. She said that Poly Group owns a broad development prospects by the deep understanding, she will work to promote cooperation between China Poly Group and  US companies, and help the Group to further expand their business in the United States.

Group Vice President Wang Lin, the real estate department, enterprise development department, cultural companies, technology companies and other relevant personnel attended the meeting.