The pre-exhibited ambassador's meeting of Poly 2020 autumn auction held in Beijing

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On October 15th, representatives of 13 diplomatic envoys from 7 countries in China, including Russia, Austria, Belarus, Peru, Montenegro and Germany visited the pre-exhibition of Beijing Poly 2020 Autumn Auction held at China World Summit Wing. Among them, the Russian ambassador and the Austrian ambassador came to the site and had a detailed understanding of the Chinese contemporary painting and calligraphy, modern painting and calligraphy, antique treasures and other fine works of art for this year's autumn auction. The staff from Poly Auction introduced the characteristics of the lots and the charm of the Chinese culture and history to the envoys. The ambassadors and other foreign guests demonstrated interests in the Chinese culture. They not only listened carefully to the introduction, but also asked questions about artworks from time to time.

The Pre-Exhibition Envoy Meeting of Poly Autumn Auction is an annual foreign cultural exchange event. Over a hundred diplomatic envoys have participated in this event this year. By displaying the exquisite works of art from various periods in China, it provided a cultural feast for foreign guests and demonstrated the profound value and innovative development of the Chinese culture.