Xu Niansha attends the Caijing Annual Conference 2021

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From November 25 to 27, the Caijing Annual Conference 2021: Forecast and Strategy was held in Beijing. This year's annual conference once again brought together domestic and foreign elites from political, business, and academic circles to analyze global hotspots, comprehensively look forward to the global and China's new economic, political, social, and technological trends in 2021, and jointly seek new impetus for the development of China and the world in the changing era. On November 25, Xu Niansha, Chairman of Poly Group, was invited to attend the annual meeting and gave a keynote speech on “Corporations Sustainable Development under Dual Circulation” at the parallel session. 

Xu said that speeding up the construction of a new development pattern with domestic major cycles as the main body and domestic-international dual circulation is a strategic decision made in accordance with the changes in China's development stage, environment, and conditions, as well as a major long-term economic policy and strategic adjustment.

He said that enterprises seeking sustainable development under “dual circulation”, must fulfill corporate responsibility, carry out innovation, and continue development and exploration. As a large company, Poly pays special attention to fulfilling its corporate responsibilities in the domestic cycle, driving the development of many upstream and downstream related enterprises, and providing employment opportunities, as well as to adjusting the structure according to market reflections and changes, and continuously carrying out management innovation and product innovation. These constituted the basis of Poly’s high-quality development. In the international market, the Group was also the main player in the competition and had potential for further business expansion. The Group had extensive contacts with embassies, consulates, enterprises, and entrepreneurs of some countries. The international cycle is not closed, but is open, incentivized, and introduced. The attitude of foreign companies to fully participate in the Chinese market also reflected the strong appeal of our domestic market.

He said that as a company, it is necessary to develop a deep understanding of the connotation and significance of the dual-circulation and its future impact, to keep abreast with market changes and opportunities, to actively innovate in accordance with market changes and the current situation, and to be brave in pioneering work and to stick to its selected path.